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A volume in commemoration of E. C. L. During Caspers. Contents: 1) Towards an Integrated Archaeology of South and Southwest Asia: An Appreciation of E.C.L. During Caspers (Eric Olijdam); 2) Inez at Bampur, 1966 (Beatrice De Cardi); 3) A Bibliography of E.C.L. During Caspers (Eric Olijdam with the assistance of Ellen Raven and Wendy Deitch-Van der Meulen); 4) The Indus-Mesopotamian Relationship Reconsidered (Julian Reade); 5) Indus and Mesopotamian Trade Networks: New Insights from Shell and Carnelian Artifacts (Jonathan Mark Kenoyer); 6) By Land and By Sea: The Circulation of Materials and Peoples, ca. 3500-1800 B.C. (Bertille Lyonnet & Philip L. Kohl); 7) Indische Importe und Einfluáe in Mittelasien (Burchard Brentjes); 8) Central Himalayas and the Ganga Valley: Mutual Interactions (D.P. Agrawal); 9) Materials Used in the Bronze Age (Shereen Ratnagar); 10) Ethnicity or Political Ecology: Making Sense of the Bahrain Bones (Judith Littleton); 11) Trading Mesopotamian Sheep to the Lower Gulf and Beyond? (Hans-Peter Uerpmann & Margarethe Uerpmann); 12) New Discoveries of Mesolithic Sites in the Thar Desert (Upper Sindh, Pakistan) (Paolo Biagi); 13) Putting New Pieces Together: Some Reflections on Prehistoric Socio-Economic Relations in the Arabian Gulf (Richard H. Spoor); 14) Excavations and Ubaid-Period Boat Remains at H3, As-Sabiyah (Kuwait) (Robert Carter); 15) Early Religion in Ancient Arabia (Jocelyn Orchard); 16) A Unique Stone Vessel from a Third Millennium Tomb in Kalba (Hélène David & Carl Phillips); 17) The Early Indus Script at Harappa: Origins and Development (Jonathan Mark Kenoyer & Richard H. Meadow); 18) Copper Tablets from Mohenjo-Daro and the Study of the Indus Script (Asko Parpola); 19) Indus Folklore: An Unknown Story on Some Harappan Objects (Gregory L. Possehl); 20) Issues in the Determination of Ancient Value Systems: The Role of Talc (Steatite) and Faience in the Indus Civilization (Heather M.-L. Miller); 21) Deconstructing the 'Harappan Courtiers': A Re-evaluation of Some of the Anthropomorphic Terracotta Figurines from Harappa (Sharri R. Clark); 22) Local Evidence, Interregional Networks: Grave Goods from Bilad Bani Bu Hasan (Sharqiyah, Oman) (Christopher Edens); 23 Ein baktrischer Edelmetall-Hortfund und noch einmal zur Frage der Quellen baktrischer Compartimentsiegel (Sylvia Winkelmann); 24) New Evidence of Funerary Practices at the End of the Early Bronze Age at Hili, United Arab Emirates (Sophie Méry, Kathleen McSweeney, Jérôme Rouquet, Gautier Basset & Walid Yasin al-Tikriti); 25) Magan Shipbuilders at the Ur III Lagash State Dockyards (2062-2025 B.C.) (Juris Zarins); 26) Shipping in the Bronze Age: How Large was a 60-gur Ship? (Tom Vosmer); 27) Some Thoughts on Iconographic Relations between the Arabian Gulf and Syria-Mesopotamia during the Middle Bronze Age (Luca Peyronel); 28) Tilmuniter im Königreich Samsî-Addus (Nele Ziegler); 29) The Murghabo-Bactrian Archaeological Complex and the Indus Script (Elisabeth C.L. During Caspers); A Possible Central Asian Origin for the Seal-Impressed Jar from the 'Temple Tower' at Failaka (Eric Olijdam); 30) Foreign-style Objects and the Jhukar Culture at Chanhu-daro (Heidi J. Miller); 31) Late Bronze Age Farming Communities in North-East Bactria (South Tajikistan) (Natalia M. Vinogradova); 32) Dilmun/Ba?rain und Babylonien im 15.-14. Jahrhundert v.Chr. aus assyriologischer Sicht (Leonhard Sassmannshausen); 33) Zooarchaeological Evidence for Trade in Marine Resources in South-East Arabia (Mark Beech, Peter Hogarth & Carl Phillips); 34) Die Beziehungen Suedarabiens zur Halbinsel Oman im 1. vorchristlichen Jahrtausend (Burkhard Vogt); 35) Two seals of the Sasanian Dumbâwand-Wismagân (Rika Gyselen); 36) Image de la réalité politique et représentation de la diversité ethnique: une subtile combinaison donnée par le décor de la terrasse de l'Apadana à Persépolis (Alexander Tourovets); 37) Ctesias on Falconry Revisited (Klaus Karttunen); 38) A Series of Weights from Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka (Harry Falk); 39) The Western Coast of India and the Gulf: Maritime Trade during the 3rd to 7th Century A.D. (Suchandra Ghosh); 40) From Another World! A Possible Buyid Origin of the Decorated Mi?rab of Central Oman? (Soumyen Bandyopadhyay).

Eric Olijdam
British Archaeological Association
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Intercultural Relations Between South and Southwest Asia

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Intercultural Relations Between South and Southwest Asia by Eric Olijdam

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